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“Dog Days” of Doorwarz

Bumps, bruises and controversies – all included within Mission Raceway’s marquee independent annual event…..

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Hot Cars Hot Topics – Season Kickoff Edition

At long last (!) the “horses are on the track” within Canadian drag racing!….

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Local (Long)-ditude!

A “home grown” all door car drag racing series has certainly stood the test of time within Western Canada….

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Left Coast Social Distance Shoot-Out

Saskatoon’s Mike Gondziola shines at Mission Raceway Social Distance Shoot-Out sessions… (continue reading…)

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Some Second Half Optimism

While we must concede that the first half of Canada’s 2020 drag racing season has been a wash….things seem to be percolating for later.…. (continue reading…)

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“Nixed” National Opens

Probability of Canadian NHRA National Open events facing serious jeopardy….. (continue reading…)

A Prognosis Post

A current “lay of the land” from the senior management of some of Canada’s most prominent drag strips…. (continue reading…)

“Crown Jewel” C7 Shines!

Saskatoon’s Mike Gonziola takes his show stopping Corvette to victory lane during a rousing “Doorwarz 7” event… (continue reading…)

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Mission LODRS “Double Header” Wrap

Canada’s largest annual Lucas Oil presented drag race event is completed at Mission Raceway…. (continue reading…)

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Maneuvers at Mission 

The just past off-season has included some rather significant changes for Canada’s premiere “left coast” drag strip…. (continue reading…)

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