Quebec’s Beaulieu Performance continues on with their reputation for being one of Canada’s most creative drag racing teams….

It would be hard for anyone to dispute that the amazing and ultra quick 1992 model Chrysler LeBaron raced by Cedric and Ghislain Beaulieu isn’t one of the coolest projects ever conceived for Canadian drag racing history.

This race car has certainly been around.  In fact after making its drag strip debut way back in 1992, since then, it has been highly modified and morphed quite a few times.

The Beaulieu Performance Chrysler LaBaron broke some milestone marks during the 2019 racing season.

During the just past 2019 race season — the most recent rendition of this race car — set records while achieving some milestone performance marks.

Driver Cedric Beaulieu

“My father Ghislain first started off the car in Super Comp,” revealed Cedric Beaulieu.  “Then was a nitrous injected Top Sportsman before it went to turbos in 2003.  It is true that it was one of the first very first turbocharged race cars ever for drag racing.  I started driving at the age of 16  — I’m now age 33 — and driving the turbo car full time after my dad decided to step away from that part.”

Team patriarch Ghislain Beaulieu has been a proponent for the Mopar brand throughout his colourful drag racing career.  That started in the 1970’s when Ghislain had a Super Stock 1971 Hemi Cuda.  In the 1980’s he moved into the Super Gas index class with a Dodge Omni car.  That machine included some “outside the box” thinking too — as it was the very first race car to run on propane!

The team’s now timeless Chrysler LeBaron is a hand fabricated car — built fully by Ghislain Beaulieu. Originally it did have a Pro Stock style chassis but eventually morphed to a longer wheelbase and its current double rail Pro Mod style chassis.

During 2019 — the team did make a major adjustment to their engine program —  and wow — did that ever produce some very significant dividends.

“We had been running Keith Black Chrysler and B1 heads for all many seasons,” Cedric continued.  “But last year we purchased a XRE (Xtreme Racing Engines) Hemi — from Carl Stevens. Before I met Carl I was just dreaming about having one of his engines —  because of the beauty of his work and the incredible performances.    We first starting buying parts from him but that relationship became both business and friendship and we ended up here.  This turbocharged engine is extremely powerful — we estimate the HP around 4000!”

The 2019 season included the debut of this ultra powerful EFI and Turbocharged motor from cutting edge company Xtreme Racing Engines = 4000+ HP!

With that change the “Beaulieu’s Black Beast” certainly did show its true nature in 2019 — as the team enjoyed their most rewarding season ever in drag racing.    That included dipping in the 5-secs zone for the first time ever (5.99 sec @ 252 mph) during the NHRA New England Nationals at Epping.  They were also credited with their best ever (first ever) sub 4-secs 1/8th mile times – the quickest being a 3.96 secs at 200 mph.

“Last season we got out to race 8 times,” Cedric added.  “We did well too in the UDRA championship chase at Napierville Dragway.  We won the last season event in that series and with that finished 2nd in final points behind Denis Lachance.”

In previous years Cedric and his team have done outstanding within that home grown regional UDRA circuit – scoring event wins multiple times and claiming it’s overall points championship title in 2015.  2019 marked their third consecutive 2nd place final points finish with their LeBaron.

Cedric & Ghislain Beaulieu with crew member Viateur Carbonneau

Beaulieu Performance finances their racing operation from the proceeds of two very successful self-established business ventures:  G. Beaulieu Inc. — a general mechanic shop specializing in all types of automotive repairs and Beaulieu Performance, where race engines are assembled as well as race car fabrication and performance parts are sold — both businesses (Lac Etchemin PQ) have existed since 1983.

The race team is proud of it’s close relationships with long time sponsors — Total lubricant (Canada), Vibrant Performance, Turbo Expert, B&G Race Fuel and E-Sticky graphics.  They also cite the support of Carl Stevens (Xtreme Racing Engines), Ryan Witte (at Holley) and valued crew member Viateur Carbonneau.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler

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