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Strategic Virginia Venture

A premier Canadian Pro Mod driver wades into PDRA racing waters for first time….

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Mission Season Sealant

Canada’s premier “left coast” drag racing facility checks out for 2021 with a speedy attraction….

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Hot Cars / Hot Topics – More Season Mastery

DragRaceCanada & KHR continues deserved acknowledgement for some Canadian series and track champions from 2020… (continue reading…)

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Spider Electric Series “Edmonton Phase Two”

Western Canadian drag racers rally again for NHRA Division Six Spider Electric Championship Series….. (continue reading…)

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Mid Summer/Mid Provincial Shootout!

Central Alberta Raceway continues its march towards racing prominence with a rousing Pro Mod drag race…. (continue reading…)

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Canadian Craft – Showcased!

A snapshot summary of three pretty creative and new fast “door cars” from Canada which made their debut this season…. (continue reading…)

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Behind “Bunker’s Junker”!

Looks can be deceiving but for this Western Canadian drag car — well — that’s the whole point….. (continue reading…)

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Castrol Raceway’s Catchall!

There was both tradition and tenacity during the 2018 Mopar Rocky Mountain Nationals….. (continue reading…)

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